Call for participation to the SWERC programming contest

SWERC is the regional selection in Southwestern Europe for the
International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), the premier global
programming competition conducted by and for the world’s universities,
with more than 40 years of existence. Students compete in teams of three
to represent their institution, and the best teams will advance to the
ICPC World Finals in Beijing. SWERC will take place in Paris on November

We would be happy if a team from your university could compete. We
believe it would be a formative experience for the students, and also an
opportunity for Universität Innsbruck to be represented at this
international contest. We would appreciate it if you could advertise
SWERC to your students, e.g., by forwarding this call to your colleagues
who teach relevant courses, or using our poster

Registration to SWERC is already open, and all information is available
on our Web site . I’d be happy to answer any question
you may have about the event, and we hope to welcome a team from your
university at SWERC!

Best regards,

Antoine Amarilli, director of SWERC