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Image Forensics Challenge


The EUREGIO Image Forensics Challenge is a joint teaching initiative between the Security and Privacy Lab of the University of Innsbruck and the Media Lab of the University of Trento, with the goal of providing students with first-hand training on information security topics.

The participation is free and open to all Bachelor, Master and PhD students enrolled at the Institut für Informatik. It represents a unique opportunity for interested students to get hands-on experience in the exciting field of image forensics, the science of detecting manipulations in visual data.

In fact, the competing teams will have the chance to work on a dataset of forged images and exploit existing image forensics tools to develop their own forgery detection algorithm, as shown in the figure below. A background in image processing and forensics is advisable but not necessary, as all the participants can take advantage of a collection of hints and example codes for the development of their final algorithm. Detailed information about the challenge schedule and timeframe can be found here.

After downloading the development dataset (available here), the teams will have time until February 26th 2018 to design and submit their code.

The challenge will be concluded by a final social event hosted by the University of Innsbruck on March 22nd-23rd involving students from both institutions, where the different teams will present their work and the winner will be announced. The best teams will be awarded with a GoPro camera!

Interested students should contact challenge@euregiommsec.info or cecilia.pasquini@uibk.ac.at for more information or clarification.